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About Lady Rebeca

I am a dominant woman by nature and won’t allow anyone to dominate me.

I discovered this side of my personality some years ago while working as an Executive Assistant to the President of a major multinational company. One day my boss, a busy executive with a lot of responsibility and a great deal of stress, confided in me his desire and need to be dominated. It allowed him to “disconnect” from the real world for a little while. Recognizing that I had a dominant character and was someone who he completely trusted with a lot of confidential information, my boss took a chance and opened up to me about this very private side of his life. Before that, I had not given it a lot of thought, but deep down, I knew I had always been dominant. Not long after that, I decided to focus my energy on fully developing my skills as a responsible and trusted Domme.

I opened my own space to be able to concentrate and develop a wide variety of fetishes that helped accommodate the needs of people within my private circle. This gave me the ability to learn, practice, and safely enjoy particular tastes and fetishes that not only satisfy me, but fulfill the needs and desires of my valued subs.

My specialty is mind and psychological domination. I believe that mind domination is extremely important because without this, domination is simply theater that is purely physical, much like sex without the intensity of love.

Welcome to my world. Welcome to Lady Rebeca’s Place.

But, before you go any further, I urge you to read the rest of my website and learn all that I’m going to demand of you to become my submissive.  If you want more information about me or have a desire to be my servant, please feel free to email me at: